Hello World

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This might be the 8th attempt to make a decent blog and commit to it, this time i believe i should have nailed a good structure to build upon the upcoming posts.This post will be about who i am, what i do, and what to expect from this blog, and so it shall begin…

I live in basically mutually exclusive worlds, crossfit and Software Development, a combination of nerdsome and throwing weights around and making noise.

I will start with my crossfit career, i teach crossfit at phoenix fitness (Cairo) -hence the domain name- which is my baby, after being part of the coaching staff of 2 other dear affiliations at the same place, and a competitors team at a different location and affiliate. [Flashback moment] I started crossfit 2008 and it was supplementary functional training program to my rugby training then my relationship with crossfit and feeling shit started to evolve and it just became my passion and lifestyle, i was sadly injured outside of training which laid a hit to my training for 2 years then i started again back at 2015 at crossfit stars (the first box in Egypt established 2011 or so), then i got into a car accident with my bike on my way to do 16.1, which was more or less what led to starting coaching, something i would have never thought of myself doing before that point, something i now can’t imagine my life without!! I took my L1 Certificate earlier that year, and probably gonna do my L2 early next year.

Now for Software development, i basically wrote my first Hello world at 2001. it was the blast, my eyes went WIDE OPEN, Atomic bomb like reactions on my mind, it was BOOM “i am a hacker bitch!” then came the calculator with visual basic then a gig here a gig there, i was hooked!! i went to PUA faculty of Engineering, Computer engineering department, and i got my B.S.c degree from there, went to work on my last year, first at an international software house (santeon) as a mobile software engineer (iOS) then joined Kngine, the semantic engine Mobile Engineering team, then that sad accident i told you earlier about happened… i was basically shot to the head, and it was a life changing event to me, i guess i am lucky it was a life terminating one! i started my startup asknative, where i made one the best travel apps, sadly discontinued, then i went bankrupt, then got some help from here and there and then bankrupt again then started doing so projects off shore then back at it again then bankrupt again… yes i am dumbly stubborn. then it was basically dismantled then here i am leading the iOS team in the very successful Grapes ‘n’ Berries.

I know its quit a lot of snapshots from here and there, and that there is more to talk about at each topic but i just wanted you to have an idea of the two realms this blog is going to be about, Crossfit Training, and Software… and how the intersection between both worlds with lead up to one of the best creation i have yet to make…All in its time!